Curriculum Vita for MARILYN MAXWELL

Marilyn's interest in wildlife began with listening to Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, weekly visits to the zoo, and adopting stray cats in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas in the 1950s.  A trip to Africa in the 1970s cemented her fascination with African animals.  While first trying her hand at drawing and painting, a later trip to Africa in the 1990s confirmed photography as her creative medium of choice. 

Marilyn has studied with Raul Touzon, Keith Carter and George de Wolfe.  Her early portfolios focused on spiritual practices in Mexico and Guatemala.  The portfolio, "Blessings of the Caballeros" took second place in the two-year traveling show, "Captivar La Luz".  The images, "Rare Cheetahs" and "Only Two", won first place in the wildlife division of the Julia Margaret Cameron 3rd Biennial of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.  Eight images from Marilyn's "At Risk" portfolio about vanishing species will be exhibited at the Berlin Foto Biennial 2016.

Current Projects:

"At Risk" is about disappearing animals. With this collection of images, I want to advance the idea of enlightened human stewardship of the wildlife at risk of extinction. These photographs not only celebrate the beauty and power of Africa's many species, but are also meant to call attention to their plight.  They are at our mercy.  My fear is that these images will depict the last decade that these creatures walk the Earth before Man eradicates them. The animals are under attack from habitat conversion to human use, punishment from humans for real or perceived loss of livestock, being killed for their meat, body-part poachers, and care-taker corruption.  "At Risk" follows in the tradition of and draws inspiration from Edward Curtis's Vanishing Race, Sebastião Salgado's Vanishing Cultures and Nick Brandt's Across the Ravaged Land.


"The Invisible Menace"  This project is about not only the harm experienced by, but also, the resilient spirit of communities from Grants to Gallup and north that live near piles of radioactive waste.  The poisonous gas and flour-like material from these piles is blown about by the wind, leached into the ground water, and puts human health at risk from "anemia, cataracts, fractured teeth, and cancer, especially bone cancer."  (EPA 05/01/2007)


I used unnatural colors in this series to make visible the toxic state of the land which appears perfectly normal and safe to the unaware eye.  My hope is that these images will inform people of the long unmet need for relief in the nearby communities and of the larger danger of an environment dotted with factory sized heaps of radioactive tailings with a half-life of 80,000 years.




9th Annual Pollux Awards, Winner in Nature Category. Exhibition:  Artefact Framers Gallery, September 18-30, London.  Exhibition includes five images from "At Risk" portfolio:  Close Encounter, Thirst, Mine, Zebra with Kopji, and Grassland with Cheetah.


Art & Oppression Exhibition, June 10-September 15, Santa Fe University of Art & Design's Marion Center,

Santa Fe, New Mexico.  From the "The Invisible Menace Series.  Images are:  The Long Talk and Radioactive.



Berlin Foto Fest, Museo Ilalia, eight images from " At Risk" Palace of the Governors Permanent Collection:  Dragline and The Big Spill. Both seen in Frontier Exhibit at New Mexico Museum of History.  Black & White Magazine, August edition, Excellence Award for "At Risk" portfolio.  Texas Photographic International Competition, a two year Traveling exhibit: Honorable Mention for Palm with Wild Dogs and Long Reach from

"At Risk" series.  Texas Photographic Society 29th Annual Members Only Competition: "Toxic Pile"



First Place in "Animals & Wildlife" category, 6th Julia Margret Cameron Competition. Among 12 women photographers invited to exhibit work at the 3rd International Biennial of Photography in Malaga, Spain. Exhibit opens September 18, 2014 7pm at the Municipal Heritage Museum and will be open through November 9, 2014


8th Annual Black & White Spider Awards: Honorable Mention in Portrait for 'Boy and Bird'. Nominee in People for 'Carriage Horse'. Nominee in Portrait for 'Fair Exchange' and 'Father'. Nominee in Still Life for 'Baseball. Nominee in Wildlife for 'Goats in Trees'.

Nominee in Landscape category in 5th Julia Margret Cameron Competition for five images found in Anthropocene Portfolio under Water Event. Titles: " Renewal", "Wetland"," Unraveled Tumbleweed", " Filter", and " Mountains, Light, and Water".


"The Conversation" took 3rd Plase - Honor of Distinction in the Silhouette category of the BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS. 


"Bull Rider" took Nominee in the Sports category of the BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS.
“Done” from the Rodeo Series is currently showing at the TPS Members Only Competition is showing in Odessa,Texas.

“The Conversation” took second place and “The Ride” was accepted for the APG show, “ In The Mind’s Eye”, which opens in Albuquerque, NM on February 3rd.

"Reclamation" and "Lucy's Story" appeared in the QUESTION OF POWER exhibit in Santa Fe, NM in December.

"Elemental Meeting Place" appeared in the 4th annual ANMPAS show in Alburqueue, NM the month of December.


Marilyn took part in a book project called “A Year Or So In The Life of New Mexico” published to benefit the Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Forty-seven of her images were selected for inclusion

“Roadside Attraction I-25” was accepted into The Black and White Show, juried by Dan Burkholder, at Vermont Photoplace Gallery

“The Hair Sweeper”, a Cuban image was nominated in the People Category of the 6th Annual Black and White Spider Awards in 2011 and was published in the digital edition of The PHOTO Paper.

"Roadside Attraction", "Truck Stop, Southern New Mexico", and "Yucca" were accepted for the ANMPAS show in Albuquerque, NM


"The Blessing of the Caballeros" project, set in San Martin De Terreros (Northwest Mexico), took second place in Texas Photographic Society's competition entitled 'Captivar La Luz', a two year traveling exhibition.

“El Caballero“ was accepted into the online show called Nostalgia at the Vermont Photo Workplace Gallery.

“Yucca” was accepted into the Floral Show at Vermont Photo Workplace Gallery

“Dogs and Goats “ was accepted into the online gallery of The Photoplace Open, juried by Keith Carter, at the Vermont Photoplace Gallery

"Dressed To Be Blessed", "Lingering Thunderbird" and "Lily" were accepted for the ANMPAS show in Albuquerque, NM


An investigation of Guatemalan rituals, 'Beauty Queens and Kites', won admission to and was presented at the Santa Fe Slideluck Potshow competition